A First Time For Everything

The puppies are really starting to grow! Their personalities are really taking shape, and they are learning new ways to socialize with one another every day! The puppies had many firsts last week! They have started puppy food, they got their first toys, several trips outside to play,  and their first experience with a tornado! Yes, you heard right! We were so fortunate that it missed us by about a mile and a half, but we have several in our community that were not so lucky! I am so glad we have a tornado shelter at our house, although it was quite crowded with 2 adults, 2 children, Charli, and her 13 babies, but we made it work! Charli was quite shaken up, I don’t think the puppies even noticed! Check out the picture below of the storm, it also shows a dark pic taken of us huddled in the shelter! Please refer to our puppy page for updated pics of all the puppies!



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