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“I lost my dad in April 2016. I had the hard time of telling this to my 9 year old son, Jeter. He happened to be with dad, my ex husband that weekend and his dad brought him to my mom and dad’s home. Poor kid thought he was getting a puppy when I broke him the bad news instead. We had been talking about it with our family and that is when I decided we would get one.


So I started with an online search living close to Louisville, KY. I found a website and sent a message to someone in Bowling Green and never received a response. The next day I got an email notifying me that there were new labradoodles available. I clicked the page and the cutest labradoodles I had ever laid eyes on popped up. They were all tied to Roseberry Labradoodles. I was initially pulled to an adorable girl named Elsa. So I reached out and was able to FaceTime a bunch of adorable puppies. Kristin kindly introduced them all on the video. She named them 1 by 1 and showed me their sweet faces. She got to a boy and told me his name was Mack. At that moment, I knew he was the one. That is my dad’s college nickname.

Needless to say Mac (kept the name but changed the spelling) is the best dog I have ever owned. He is smart, kind, well behaved and pretty good with the kids for a puppy. Kelly and I have 3 kids. Peyton 11, Jeter 9 and Vincent 6. He’s now 7 months old and weighs 42 pounds. He doesn’t shed, he doesn’t bark much and doesn’t mind going in his crate. He likes taking walks, following mommy everywhere, giving kisses and fetching a tennis ball.”

 -Lindsay Chatham


Dexter and Hopper

“I would highly recommend roseberry labradoodles! We love the fact that the puppies are loved on so much in their first few weeks and treated as part of their family. They are very thorough with making sure the puppies are ready for their forever homes with their shots and microchips. It was highly organized and well documented.  We picked out one puppy and after a week of having him we had to go back and get his brother!  They are just a delight to work with and we love our dogs so much!”

-Wendy Norris




“Happy to hear that the referral i had given a while back was able to get all the way back to you! Couldn’t say enough great things about Baloo. He’s been an absolute joy and is growing up so fast! He recently got neutered and is recovery nicely. He loves New York City and interacts with so many dogs and people every day. He loves the attention and enjoys meeting new people. Thank you again for bringing Baloo into my life he truly has been an amazing dog thus far. Can’t wait to see what the new litter looks like!”

-Robert Duca




“Hello from the Tollison’s in Charleston, SC. I wanted to let you know that Bruno (now called Bear) is doing well. I will post a pic but he moves too quick to get a good one right now. He loves playing with our other 2 dogs a shih tzu named Dolly and a shih tzu/silky terrier mix named Annie. He is so sweet and laid back. Not hyper at all. Never have had an easier puppy!! Does not cry at night when it’s bedtime and time to go in crate and does not make a peep until we get up around 7:00 AM and let him out to potty. Unbelievable as I have never had a dog this easy. We got a good one and love him so much!! He gets nightly visits from an adult fermale chocolate labradoodle names Coconut he lives around the corner and they romp and play in the open field next to our house. I will post more photos If can get his attention long enough.”


-Laurie Tollison



Gus and Bentley

This summer, our family started Labradoodle searching to find a pet for our 6 year old Grandson.  We searched a number of websites and spoke with a number of owners.  Eventually, we came across Kristin Roseberry of “Roseberry Labradoodles” and instantly, we knew we had the right person. From the very start, she was a delight to work with and we could feel the love she had for her animals.  When it came time to pick our puppy, we drove to Claremore, Oklahoma and made our choice.  Not only did we fall in love with the puppies, but we also fell for the entire Roseberry family!  It was such a great experience we actually chose two bundles of joy, Gus and Bentley.  We highly recommend “Roseberry Labradoodles” to anyone who is looking for a well bred, loving Labradoodle.

Sherry & Eddie Hamra

Lawton, Ok





We purchased our first labradoodle in May 2016 from Roseberry Labradoodles. We searched and searched for the breeder we felt the best about! We debated several months and decided to contact Kristin. What a wonderful family the puppies were born into and what an awesome bloodline for parents! We knew we couldn’t go wrong. After facetiming and exchanging several pictures we choose Puppy “Olaf” as our furbaby!! We named him Ranger and he is the sweetest most loving dog. He was quickly potty trained after receiving him and listens very well! He gets along great with our little girls and other dog. He goes to work everyday with us and you wouldn’t even know he was there. We love him tremendously and couldn’t imagine our life without him now! We highly recommend Roseberry Labradoodles! You will not be disappointed!


Brooke Robinson







Bentley and Gus drying off by the pool



















Charli is very athletic and will walk for miles with me.


So much love


Always eager to please, especially when there is a treat or tennis ball on the line.